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  1. How to Do the Bird-Dog Exercise
  2. Proper Form, Variations, and Common Mistakes
  3. What’s Your Color?
  4. Music | Bird Dog

There's room for some give and take when it comes to choosing any bird dog. Fact or fiction; is there an all-around bird dog?

The Everly Brothers-Bird Dog/Lyrics

Probably not. But some breeds sure come close. The pup that he found for our family has turned into the kind of bird dog I never realized I could even own, and while she is a monster in the field, she's a softie at home. Mister popular: Labrador retrievers dominate market share when it comes to what hunters choose for the field and the duck blind--and for good reason.

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Like all bird dogs , its genes were tinkered with significantly with hybridizing to combine the best traits of different breeds. New breed is here for hunt, family. Successful bird dogs do exist, but they have likely spent years or decades in the real estate business and have a history of successful deals with a network of private investors.

That said, if you are interested in becoming a bird dog, it may be wise to find a kindly real estate investor or a seasoned bird dog to learn from. Just don't expect to build your own empire off the back of theirs. If you live in a city, you've probably had exposure to some bird dog marketing techniques without necessarily realizing it.

How to Do the Bird-Dog Exercise

The signs saying "We Buy Houses" with a mobile number are targeted to pull in sellers who need to get out of their property but don't have ties to the traditional real estate process. Along with this grassroots lead generation, bird dogs may tap into public databases like the multiple listing service MLS and try to cross reference with other pertinent information, like layoffs at a nearby company motivated sellers or dropping home values in recent tax assessments underwater mortgages. Real Estate Investing.

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Proper Form, Variations, and Common Mistakes

Your Money. Personal Finance. Financial Advice. To keep your form, note any movement your trunk makes as you lift your arm, and try to correct for that. The body tends to "lean" to one side in order to accommodate for the fact that you have one less limb on the floor helping you support your weight. Using your abs and back muscles to prevent that leaning will develop core strength.

Set Your Arm Down: As you exhale, slowly set your left arm back down. The "leaning" mentioned above especially tends to occur when you place your arm or leg back down. So remain aware of how you perform the bird dog exercises as you put your arm back on the floor. Lift Your Right Leg: Next, we'll lift one leg. Your legs are heavier than your arms. But you've already practiced steps , so most likely you'll be able to manage the extra challenge with ease. Inhale, then exhale and straighten and lift your right leg. Ideally, you'll lift it to hip height, but if you can't go that far in the beginning, that's okay.

What’s Your Color?

Your form is the most important. Similar to when you lifted your arm, pay attention to your trunk, in order to keep good form. You now know not to let your core to waiver as you do the movement.

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That's the way to get strong ab and back muscles! Remember to carefully monitor any movements your trunk starts to make and keep yourself steady instead. Because legs are bigger and heavier than arms, this will be more challenging than before.

Music | Bird Dog

Lift Your Left Leg: Just as you did with the right leg, inhale then exhale and straighten and lift your left leg. Again, pay attention to your trunk, keep it steady, and try to keep that lengthened feeling in your spine. Lift Opposite Arm and Leg At The Same Time: The most difficult version of the bird dog exercise is to combine the two variations from above into one movement.

Work up to this one.

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Inhale, exhale and simultaneously lift your right leg and your left arm. If you are truly monitoring your body form as you go, you'll likely find this is not as easy as it may seem.