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Examples of Quid Pro Quo Harassment

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  2. Female paramedics ‘forced to give sexual favours to bosses at work’
  3. How can I genuinely offer something without an expectation of receiving something in return?
  5. Sexual Favours

In return, they are able to secure scarce goods as well as discounts on transport and accommodation and their businesses flourish. A few experiences gleaned from a cross section of informal Zimbabwean women traders illustrate the magnitude of the dilemma these women contend with in trying to meet economic needs and safeguarding their health. Tshuma lives in the southern half of Zimbabwe in the coal-mining town of Hwange. Twice a month, she makes a kilometer round trip to Lusulu in Binga district.

Lusulu is a thriving agricultural area where Tshuma barters basic goods such as soap, sugar and salt, which have disappeared from shop shelves, with maize. Normally she is away from home for a week. If she were to pay for all her transport, food and accommodation expenses when she is away from home, she would make very little profit. So to boost her profit margins, she pays using what is known as "bottom currency," to pay off bus crews to secure seats on overcrowded buses, truck drivers to ferry bags of maize back to Hwange, and lodge owners to discount her accommodation costs.

An astute entrepreneur, Phiri saw a viable business opportunity selling dried fish to protein-starved Bulawayo residents. She sources her fish fresh from the Zambezi River in Binga from both Zimbabwean and Zambian fishermen. She points out that it did not take her long to figure out that she had to sleep with the fishermen for her to get in order to meet her requirements quickly.

Women fishmongers openly admit that fishermen prefer to deal with "generous women. On the extreme end of the age scale are poor girl pupils in remote rural schools, such as Lusulu High School. Many pupils come from poor families who are unable to send regular supplies of cash and food to the borders. In desperation, female students resort to illicit affairs with teachers, police officers and other rich villagers. Statistics from Lusulu indicate that annually, an average of 50 female students drop out of school after falling pregnant.

Thanks to HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns, most women who find themselves in such situations are aware of the inherent dangers of their survival tactics. The women know that HIV and AIDS have reduced the life expectancy of women in the country to 34 years, and that the pandemic is decimating families and drastically reducing mortality rates. The sad reality though, is that the poverty forces these women to engage in risky behaviour in order to survive anyways.

Urban Dictionary: sexual favor

Some women still are not making the connection between granting sexual favours and the increased risk of infection. These "small house" occupants in turn often have numerous partners in an attempt to balance their ever-increasing monthly expenses with their incomes.

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Had Aishwarya Rai Traded Sexual Favors for Subhash Ghai’s 'Taal'

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Female paramedics ‘forced to give sexual favours to bosses at work’

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How can I genuinely offer something without an expectation of receiving something in return?

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Slotting it into the machine, I waited for a song to finish and a fade to black. The impossible-not-to-dance-to beat, the catchy lyrics and that feeling of a song capturing the female experience have stayed with me ever since. Put this track on at a wedding and the dance floor will be alight in moments with women shouting the lyrics, dancing like Madonna — feeling empowered.

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Sexual Favours

Olivia Petter. And everybody knows! Groovy, baby. Jacob Stolworthy. Romantic, evocative and always alluring.

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