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The main character has lived in near-isolation in a medical facility since age eight, and Turner does an excellent job portraying a fairly normal but highly sheltered boy. Zack has standard teen interests -- books, movies, sports, the opposite sex -- but because of his lack of contact with his peers or the world in general his reactions and speech are often off kilter, sometimes without him noticing, since he has little experi Voice is the strong point of this twist on the teen vampire thriller.

Zack has standard teen interests -- books, movies, sports, the opposite sex -- but because of his lack of contact with his peers or the world in general his reactions and speech are often off kilter, sometimes without him noticing, since he has little experience in assessing the emotional reactions of strangers. Watching him try to process new experiences and talk to new people was the most interesting aspect of the book. The plot had potential but ultimately failed to pan out, in my opinion. The ending seemed contrived and didn't fit with the slower pace of the rest of the book.

Jun 28, Laura Booksforbreakfast rated it it was amazing. Going into this book. I really didn't know what to expect. I believe this book is going to be one of those that you either really like or really hate. I thought I wouldn't like it but boy I was wrong. The story picks up right away and doesn't stop until you're finished with the novel and even then you're on the edge of your seat begging for more. Many people I've looked through didn't like it but I really want to ask those of you to give it a try, especially you male readers out there.

The suspen Going into this book. The suspense is awesome and you never know who exactly to trust and it keeps you guessing until the very end. One thing I really appreciated about this one was the ending; I rarely get surprised at endings but what a twist it was. I enjoyed this one and hope you put it on your to read list. Feb 27, Suzanne rated it liked it. This was a super fast, light and easy read. I didn't love it, but I also didn't hate it. It did exactly what a decent book should do, provided a good distraction from my real life stress.

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I wish there would have been more focus on Zack's life in the mental institution because I thought that was an interesting angle, but all in all it was still pretty good. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced, light weight supernatural story. Mar 21, AnnMarie rated it liked it. The plot twist near the end was surprising and fun. I felt the foreshadowing was a little heavy handed, but overall this was an amusing read.

I think I will pick up the sequel, too. Jul 29, Carolyn rated it liked it. Interesting twist on the vampire theme. Curiously satisfying though. Aug 01, Sarah rated it liked it. For a teenager horror story, this one is easy to get into. By that point, I was cringing inside at how predictable the plot was becoming and how little was actually happening. Adding to this, the chapters are incredibly short. Furthermore, I found Zack quite irritating - both with his personality and his decisions in the plot. This didn't help with my enjoyment. The Epilogue made it clear where the next novel would take the story and how key characters would feature.

Indeed, I was hoping that Turner may kill off all of the characters so that the next in the series would be a fresh bunch of stereotypes. Alas, I seem to be wrong. There are better teenage reads out there and even if you have a reluctant reader, feel that they deserve something better than this.

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Afterall, Zack is a Jan 06, Emmalyn Carlise rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It does suffer from some first-time author problems, but it was still a good novel that kept my attention. The slow pacing was not a problem for me because I don't need or require novels to have constant action. Some of my favorite parts were the scenes most people consider "slow". The main character Zack was a pretty cool protagonist. There is a sad lack of male protagonists in vampire stories so I am always happy when I find one in a decent book.

Some things I I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Some things I did not like as much in this book. For starters, Zack's "relationship" with Luna which felt forced and not very believable. Luna herself was not very fleshed out as a character and thus she was pretty boring, and it kinda felt like Zack was only interested in her because she's like the only girl his age that he's talked to in a long time. Maybe Luna gets some better development in the sequels, but I have not read them yet.

My other major complaint was the tacky and a bit cliched ending. The bad guy's whole unnecessary speech, the "twist" that was very predictable, and Charlie's view spoiler [complete underreaction to the fact that his best friend killed him and cursed him with vampirism. Overall, though, I do not regret giving this book a read and will likely check out the next novel in the series to see if the writer has improved at all.

I did find myself wanting to see what was next for Zack when I finished reading this book, so I suppose the story was interesting enough to make me want more. Jul 11, Cricket Muse rated it liked it. Feeling a bit misled after reading the back cover, as the plot seemed to be building more towards a suspense mystery when all of a sudden early on we learn the protagonist is actually a vampire.

Why not lead out with that information? So not into vampires. So not. Definitely an oxymoron. Engaging action, a Feeling a bit misled after reading the back cover, as the plot seemed to be building more towards a suspense mystery when all of a sudden early on we learn the protagonist is actually a vampire.

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Engaging action, and surprising plot twists help keep up interest. But, really—so not into vampires. Not even the nice ones. Jul 19, Hannah Belyea rated it liked it. Zack is slowly growing accustomed to his life in the Nicholls Ward, where his strange allergies can be monitored - but when a stranger attempts to force him out and warns him to run away, he finds his peaceful life thrown out the window as he and his new friends race for answers.

Turner will have fans of mystery and action pleasantly pleased with this entertaining adventure. What more could there be about his life that Zach doesn't know!? Jan 19, Paige rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. This book was just bad. Poor dialogue. Mixed metaphors. A dumbass for a main character. Here's just one example of how poorly written it is: "I'd never been in an airplane cockpit before, but I'd seen them in movies, and I'll bet you this car had more dials, buttons and screens than a space shuttle.

Jul 07, Eddie rated it did not like it Shelves: own. The actions of the characters in this book were so infuriating I felt physically angry. Nov 17, Grant rated it it was amazing. Max Turner. Night Runner. New York: St.

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Martin's Griffin, If I asked you to think of a vampire, odds are you would think of two things. First you would think of two shirtless men with washboard abs fighting over a decent looking girl. The other image popping into your head would probably be a Dracula-type figure.

He is somewhat old, very threatening, sucks blood for survival or even amusement at times. He can control people with just a bite or a look into their eyes. He cannot be seen in a Max Turner. He cannot be seen in a mirror because he does not have a soul and he lives in a creepy looking castle in Transylvania. However there is a third type of vampire; the vampire in Night Runner by Max Turner. The vampire in Night Runner is unlike any vampire I have ever seen or read about.

This vampire is an entirely new species of vampire, a type of vampire that has so many human characteristics and so many vampire characteristics that there are times you will think he only a regular teenage boy, however there are times when you will think he is so much more. Zach, the vampire from this book is extraordinarily ordinary. He does not have washboard abs, or look like Taylor Latiner. However he also doesn't live in a castle in Transylvania.

He is just a teenage boy with a best friend, a girl who he would kill to have, and he even enjoys video games. I cannot think of a more average person. However at the same time, he is anything but average. He is allergic to the sun or so he is told , he has to drink "brain cocktails" these specialty drinks consisted mostly of animal blood. However, Zach does have many qualities similar to Dracula, he is a vampire after all. Zach is unbelievably strong; he can lift with one hand more than his friend, Charlie could lift with both.

There is one other thing that makes him similar to Dracula, the in-ordinary the place he lives, it is no Transylvanian castle, but it might be just as scary; he lives in the Nicholls phsyc ward. This scared me a little, it even scared him; "I know what you're thinking: The Nicholls Ward- isn't that the loony bin? The first person narrator gives the reader great insight into the extreme emotional standpoint of someone with this "disease," as well as their physical urges, "Man, the hunger! It was unbearable.

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I had to eat something and she was the only thing around" This passage describes how the hunger vampires go through is so intense that they would kill their friends just to get rid of the physical suffering. As the narrator, Zach also gives great insight to the life of an everyday vampire, the first person narrator also gives insight to the emotional life of a teenager who has to cope with the death of his parents, try to get the girl, and survive people like his own uncle who want nothing more than to kill all of his kind.

Zach has the issues everybody will have to cope with along with the issues nobody will, you know "the whole vampire thing" What sets Zach apart from all of the people he meets throughout his journey, both human and vampire, is that he grows from everything he does. While most characters in this book are very static, Zach is constantly changing. Zach starts the book as a timid teenager confused about who he is, however as the book moves on, the reader sees him evolve into a more confident, interesting character.

This book did what I thought no book could ever do, it restored my respect for vampires after the Twilight series. Turner is a great writer; he allows the book to flow freely while still keeping the story line complex. I will likely never read a vampire book again, but I am glad I read this one! This book was written with the idea of appealing to all vampire lovers; there is enough romance to entice a love-sick teenage girl while still keeping the scare factor high enough that even the toughest teenage boy could not help but feel their pulse go up as they read.

This combination is just enough to leave the reader dying for more. Oct 23, Erin rated it liked it. Night Runner is a book filled with lots of potential, but that reads much like one, long preface. Obviously the first in an intended series, author Max Turner spends much of the book setting up the premise of the story and providing world-building, filling lots of pages with dialogue and the internal musings of the narrator.

The real action of the story is confined to the last 50 pages or so, and even that receives the classic cliffhanger treatment. Fans of vampire YA lit will probably enjoy Nig Night Runner is a book filled with lots of potential, but that reads much like one, long preface. Fans of vampire YA lit will probably enjoy Night Runner simply based on the merit of the genre, and to be fair, the book does kick off with a slightly different spin than many other novels along the same vein.

After recovering from a mysterious childhood illness that left him in a coma, he is now confined to the hospital to protect himself from a blistering allergy to the sun and acute sensitivities to food -- in fact, he can only drink the special strawberry shakes the doctors prepare for him. Orphaned, Zach has no family and takes comfort only in the companionship of his troublemaker best friend, Charlie, and Nurse Ophelia, his night caretaker at the facility. Zach's routine of reading, sleeping and running on the treadmill is interrupted one day when a homeless man crashes a police motorcycle into the hospital and tells Zach to RUN!

From that point on, Zach is forced to reassess everything he knew about his life and the people he trusted. Someone is hunting him for reasons he doesn't understand, and Zach must rely on both old friends and new to help him escape. Much of what happens in Night Runner is pretty predictable -- especially for readers familiar with the genre.

The characters are somewhat shallow, and could benefit from some further developing in future books in the series. There also seemed to be a general lack of emotional maturity in the book. This may have been deliberate on the author's part -- the narrator is a year-old boy, after all -- but it only served to further alienate me from the characters I was supposed to be caring more about as the book went on. The "romance" that developed later in the novel also seemed very pat and undeveloped -- almost like the author thought, "Hey, this might appeal to more teenage girls if I threw some love into my vampire story.

I mean, it worked for Twilight, right? Overall, Night Runner was a pleasant, quick read, but not a book I'd rank among my favorites. I will probably seek out future books in the series casually, but without much anticipation. Feb 22, Derek Newman-Stille rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian-speculative-fiction. Zach Thomson grew up in the Nicholls Ward after his parents died when he was young.

Night Runner takes place when Zach is 15 years old. But his experience is different from that of other children for a variety of health related reasons outside of his mental health. He has an allergy to sunlight, he has a limited diet and is allergic to most foods, and he has bouts of anger and silences that can last for days. Zach has been recognized by his nurses as being in need of specilized medical care.

Max Turner creates a novel that questions ideas of normalcy and appropriateness by disrupting ideas of what can be considered normal. He challenges the behaviour of society in ostracizing certain people because of their difference. By situating Zach in a psychiatric institution, Turner questions ideas of family and the type of people that can make up family, extending the idea of belonging to a wider group of very different individuals.

Night Runner, like many Young Adult tales, is a story about self discovery and the idea of developing a purpose. Turner explores vampirisim as a blood-based pathogen, an infection, but one that radically changes the body, and one that can be spread through the bite. It is also an infection that generally comes with an end date — as every vampire eventually experiences Endpoint Psychosis, a psychiatric illness as they reach the end of their lives and therefore radically change.

In both areas it is up to others in positions of power to determine mental health and ability. Night Runner, like vampirism itself, is about radical change, coping with different social and emotional pressures and the process of discovery. Sep 24, Wilson rated it liked it. The man tells Zack to run away with him and to watch out for cops as he retreats into the forest with multiple gunshot wounds. This is all a blur to Zack, until his uncle he never knew he had comes to visit him and explains to Zack that he is actually a vampire who is constantly being hunted.

Night Runner, by Max Turner is a fast-paced fantasy novel that tells the story of a boy with severe reactions to sunlight, who has lived his whole life with no connections to the outside world. After hearing the news that he is a vampire, Zack is forced to run in moonlight and hide in daylight, all the while putting his only friends, Charlie and Luna, and acquaintances in danger. I would give this book three stars. Night Runner is a very interesting book because although it is a fantasy book about vampires, it deals with realistic characters and their everyday lives, while telling a captivating story about survival.

Aside from the fact that Zack lives in a mental ward and that he has strange allergies, he is actually a very normal person. There is nothing out of the ordinary about that. Zack also states that most of the people at the ward are older people. They pretty much just need help to eat. They ran across rooftops and over fences and ledges. Zack has no idea where they are headed. Nearly 6, runners come from over 20 countries to tour the City of Angels at night, including a run around the bases at the iconic ballpark.

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