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For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead. Dead people are dwelling in the dust, not in heaven. But there is a time coming when the graves will open and the earth will give birth to the dead. Isaiah ESV For Sheol does not thank you; death does not praise you; those who go down to the pit do not hope for your faithfulness.

We have already seen that those in the grave have no knowledge or wisdom. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the book. The angel told Daniel that the people who were sleeping in the dust of the earth would awake in the resurrection, of which Scripture tells us there will be two: the Just and the Unjust John ; Acts ; Rev.

Daniel ESV But go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days. You will rest, and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance. Where, O death, are your plagues? Where, O grave, is your destruction?

This verse could not be clearer. By the first century, no one had ascended into heaven. If David was in heaven, Peter should have said so. His point was that David was dead and Jesus was not. When a person dies, he goes to Sheol the grave; the state of death , and returns to dust. Therefore, the Bible rightly directs our attention to the Rapture or resurrection, which is when people will be raised to life. My heart faints within me! Job was excited about seeing God when he was in his new body, which would happen at the resurrection.

He never spoke of being with God when he died. And I will bring you into the land of Israel. Speaking of those Old Testament Jews who believed, these verses are loaded with truth. The first married and died, and having no children left his wife to his brother. For they all had her. He is not God of the dead, but of the living. This powerful section of Scripture is also recorded in Mark and Luke The Sadducees did not believe in any form of life after death. Luke ESV and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.

We are repaid after we rise from the dead, which is what Jesus taught. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, 26 and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this? Even if Martha believed her brother was alive in a good place but still wanted him to be with her, she would have said she wanted him back from heaven. The Bible has many accounts of people being raised from the dead. At no time did Elisha, Jesus, Peter, or Paul, pray to God before raising the person to see if they would be willing to leave heaven and return to this fallen world where they would only have to die again someday.

Furthermore, if the people who had died were in heaven, it certainly seems that they would have had something to say about what heaven was like when they returned. Even if they promised God they would not talk about heaven, it seems that someone would have asked them about it. Acts and 2 ESV 1 And as they were speaking to the people, the priests and the captain of the temple and the Sadducees came upon them, 2 greatly annoyed because they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection from the dead. The Apostles were not teaching that people went to be with Jesus when they died.

If they had been, that is what the religious leaders would have been upset about. Instead, the Apostles were teaching the resurrection from the dead. Other verses confirm that the Apostles taught the resurrection Acts and 32, What is sown is perishable; what is raised is imperishable. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. And the dead in Christ will rise first. If Paul wanted Christians not to grieve, and knew that when people died their soul or spirit went to be with God, he would have said so here in order to help comfort people.

Instead he tells us that all the dead in Christ will rise at the Rapture when the Lord comes, and comforts us by letting us know that even when a person dies, he will rise again. Our hope is the coming of the Lord, because that is when the dead are raised and can be with Jesus. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

This is the first resurrection. These verses separate the people who come to life in the first resurrection from those who do not. The souls of the righteous, meaning righteous people, come to life after the Battle of Armageddon Rev. From his presence earth and sky fled away, and no place was found for them. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done. These verses depict the Resurrection of the Unjust Acts , also called the Resurrection of Judgment John , and the Judgment that follows immediately afterward.

At this future time, all the unjust people will get up and be judged. The souls of the wicked are not judged and thrown into Gehenna when the person dies. However, Scripture is clear that the Day of Judgment is still in the future. Matthew ESV Truly, I say to you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town. Jesus said that the Day of Judgment for Sodom and Gomorrah is still future, but those people died about 4, years ago.

It is obvious that after they died they were not judged, but still await the resurrection and Judgment along with everyone else who has died. The verses on the coming Day of Judgment are too many to print in this short article, but some clear ones that show that it is future include: Matthew and 24, ; 2 Pet. Matthew and 42 ESV 41 The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here.

In these verses Jesus makes the general point that people will get up in the future at the Judgment. He was not being specific about the two resurrections he was clear about them in other places , nor was he trying to justify or condemn any one person, but was showing that in the resurrection, when everyone gets up, they will together condemn those who rejected Jesus. All the dead will be raised and judged at the same time, in the judgment appropriate to them.

The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous 50 and throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Jesus taught a similar lesson in the parable of the weeds of the field Matt. Matthew ESV For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.

People are repaid for what they have done in life when Jesus comes and they are raised from the dead, not when they die. Every person who has ever lived will be judged by the Son, which will occur in the future. Before Jesus died and rose again, these words could not be fulfilled. John and 29 ESV 28 Do not marvel at this, for an hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment.

Acts ESV because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead. Is it not you? The Greek text of this verse is very clear that the Judgment is coming in the future. Hebrews and 2 ESV 1 Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, 2 and of instruction about washings, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.

Jude ESV And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day—. Some of the angels fallen angels, which we sometimes refer to as demons sinned so grievously that God is not allowing them to be free, but instead is keeping them in chains until the Day of Judgment.

Thus, even angels are not judged immediately, but await Judgment Day. Another verse saying some angels are awaiting the Judgment is 2 Peter We have now seen a large amount of Scriptural evidence that those who have died are not alive, but are dead and awaiting the resurrection. On the other hand, the Devil has a vested interest in getting people to believe that the dead are alive. For one thing, it allows his demons to impersonate the dead and communicate untruths to mankind. For another, it makes the stark reality of death seem less of an enemy than it actually is. The stark reality is that dead people are dead, and that death is a terrible, horrific enemy, stealing our most valuable possession—our very life.

The great comfort to Christians is that death is not the end of our existence, because God will raise us from the dead in new, imperishable bodies, and we will be with Him and the Lord forever. Does one die and the other provide the life for the new individual, or do the soul life of the egg and sperm somehow blend? We do not know. The measure of holy spirit that any Christian receives is the fullness of what God makes available in this Grace Administration. Also, in this short article we do not mention all the different Judgments, such as the Sheep and Goat Judgment Matt.

All rights reserved. It appears in red letters in most versions, but should not be. It was not spoken by Jesus, but narrated by John. It seems likely that as the tradition developed that it was Jesus who had spoken these words, the last phrase was dropped by copyists, because it made no sense to them that Jesus could be on earth speaking with Nicodemus and in heaven at the same time. Most modern versions translate the verse in its shorter version, because that seems to make the most sense to them also. Bullinger has some good notes about this section in The Companion Bible.

I love the way you updated this site! It mad me so easy to find articles. I love to translate these short articles in Korean language and every time I do I keep en English copy in my persona file. Again I said this arrangement made my work some much easier. I have been thinking a lot about this topic of late and it makes sense because why else,would people be longing for the resurrection. My question, though I have not finished your article yet, is what about the martyrs under the throne of G or mentioned in Revelation?

Thank you. Jesus himself said humanity will always see things that are spirtual as in a fog. WE will never know the truth until Christ return and we were not meant to. God did not say for us to not to believe in Heaven after death, nor did he tell us not to teach hell after death. What difference does it make for a believer in Jesus to die thinking they will go straight to Heaven? I believe it is one of the reasons Christians should not fear death. I really do not care if this is true or not, just the fact that as a believer in Christ will allow me entrance into Heavens whenever is good enought for me.

It did not take me long after I started reading your article that my spirit became sad. I teach my children that if they except Christ as the Son of God and that he died and rose again so their sins will be forgiven they will go to Heaven when they die. There is a reason God revealed the truth concerning death, and life after death.

Make no mistake, lies always have negative consequences, whereas there is always freedom in truth. I understand that many people find it comforting to believe the lie about heaven being available now, but it comes at the price of people being lead astray by deceiving spirits. Many Christians I know who believe this lie pray regularly to their departed loved ones, and look to signs and communication from them.

I have always taught my children all 7 of them the truth about death and we all find it just as comforting to know that when we die we are dead, and the very first thing we will know is being raised to be with Christ. This is biblical and there is no unintended negative consequences from teaching it, because it is the truth.

Remember, WE added the punctuation to help us after AD. He told Mary three days after that — John 20 that he had not yet ascended to the Father. Jesus is not wrong. I like this comment.


Simply put it makes a lot of difference if it is not Biblical. You have to take into account that in death there is no time frame. So with that said when we die there are a lot of things we stop one surely is keeping track of time, it might just be us as soon as we die we are present with God because time will be nothing to us in death.

It is not like you are waiting around for a clock to sound an alarm, you will be asleep. Gary, that is true. When a person dies their entire consciousness stops. They have no experience of time. So as a person closes his eyes and takes his or her last breath, the very next moment in time , from their perspective, is that they are raised and with the Lord.

KJV is actually not a completely accurate translation. Just look at Hosea — The KJV has the complete incorrect meaning, going against what the verses before and after it say. It literally makes no sense to read it. While some modern translations are indeed worse than KJV — there are now much closer to the original Hebrew and Greek translations with much more accuracy.

I have been bothered by this as well. Maybe if we are just sleeping it wont be as any time passed. We just wake up like it is the next day even though maybe 50 years have passed while we were just sleeping…like Rip van Winkle kind of thing. I agree with you, I dont care if we are sleeping or in Glory. I know that is my final home and it does my soul well to claim that as my immediate home after death and teach my children the same! Wonderful items from you, man. You are making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it sensible.

This is actually a great website. Where does the story of Lazarus and the rich man fit in? I apologize if this was already addressed, I skimmed over the article rather quickly here at work and has proved to spark a very thoughtful, provocative conversation amongst coworkers. When he made up a story about the Good samaritan was he being deceitful because the men did not actually exist? HE was making a point and the details of the story do not need to be true in fact for the point to be made!

After all, on that day Jesus was dead and in the grave, not in prardise. It is a reference to a future event, and the use of today was to add emphasis on the words he spoke on that day. All of these verses refrence the body being ressurected. Nowhere do these scripture give reference to our spirit which goes to heaven to be with our Lord at the very instance we die. The other thing to note is that heaven is not paradise.

Why would it take being absent from the body of Christ to be present with Him? How could you get anything else out of it? How do you explain Isaiah ? Isa NIV or Ezekiel 37? Hi there, yup this paragraph is truly nice and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging. Jimmy, no misdirection intended. Yes, there are no commas in Greek, but there is punctuation in English and they make a huge difference for us in the understanding conveyed in a translation. The understanding of Jesus statement must be understood in light of the whole of scripture, which clearly teaches that when you die you are dead, which is why there is a resurrection.

Actually, the Bible never says that. That is very much twisting it to fit a meaning. I mean, you even cut off half of the verse to fit your narrative. Please re-read it. Thank you many people sat that when someone dies they go straight to heaven which is not real. Thank God for your articles. As we all know but often hate to admit, a popular viewpoint or opinion is not always correct.

Thank you for pointing out clearly what most of us do not want to think about. At present, our personal accountability is something that is easier to overlook than address, but we will all have to face the music. At that time, may God be merciful to us all and forgive us for being wilfully being ignorant in this life. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. I enjoy the audio cd teachings, books and other items you offer. Thanks and God Bless. Thanks for this article.

God bless us all. Great Article, you nailed it. I have also done a study on this on my website and came to the same conclusion, but with not as many scriptures as you have here. When Christ who is your life appears then you also will appear with him in glory. God instituted it immediately after Adam and Eve sinned Gen It is also the basis for the Levitical Laws of sacrifice Ex ; Num.

Thanks so much for this. I was filled with a hope as I was reading this. A light.

I am reading a lot of articles on your site, but this was the first. I confused you by this other comment. What I mean is there are many books out of people who have died and claimed they saw loved ones and a white light and a sense of peace. Is this all of Satan?

Jody, Thanks for the question. People may also have had a spiritual revelation via God, or from demons. But the experiences do not invalidate the clear teaching of scripture. That was so Accurate… I learned exactly what you taught in the way international!

Thank you for sharing the Word of God. When people talk about seeing Jesus, Heaven, or Hell during near-death experiences, are they having revelations of future events? Thank you for the very detailed and clear backed-up by Scripture explanation. After we buried our grandmother, I was walking down the graveyard with my aunt who is a Christian and reads the bible daily, she pointed out the fact that all of the graves were pointed in a certain direction, west or east I cant remember which, but she was talking about how that was done on purpose because when Christ comes back, the body in the grave is risen during the rapture?

I just understood that to mean that the spirit will be in heaven after death but that we would get a different type of body after resurrection. Now it looks like that was untrue but that we are neither in spirit or a physical body in heaven afterward but a time and space of nothingness until the resurrection? I have heard of this doctrine before but rarely do you ever hear about this being preached??? So we can rise up and see Him. You fail to explain how and why Jesus would tell the thief on the cross that Todsy you will be with me in Paradise.

Was this thief given special dispensation??? You are misreading Jesus statement because of the punctuation that was added. Consider changing the location of the coma and you get an entirely different meaning, one that is consistent with the testimony of the rest of Scripture on the state of the dead.

It is a promise of a future event. Vogel, and that translations say that because the translators translated according to their bias, which is that when you die you are alive. But that is contrary to what the Bible says. There is none that praise God from the grave shoel. How were Elijah and Moses present with Jesus at the Transfiguration if they had not been yet resurrected? It may be that there are some who who are already resurrected. But how do you reconcile Jesus speaking with Moses and Elijah before the crucifixion? And Elijah was taken to heaven in a whirlwind. And the saints ask the Lord, how long must we wait?

Hebrews says that all these included in the list is Moses and Elijah died. The prophets saw Elijah taken up in a whirlwind to heaven, meaning in the air above the earth. God transported him to another place where he died, which is why they wanted to go searching for him. Moses dies too,a nd when you die you are dead until the resurrection. What happened on the Mt.

Jimmy, that is true, but he Bible says in Hebrews that all those listed died,a nd Elijah is included in that list. Hi James, 2 Chronicles has been confusing to many because it does make it appear as though Elijah sent a letter ten years after he was translated. Since he was translated during the reign of Jehoram of Israel, it makes sense that he could have sent the letter to Jehoram of Judah. The confusion is simple, same name but different people.

Elijah is not on that list. With regards to Heb These all died in faith, not having received the promises , the context is related to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Its false reasoning to think the list is meant as a complete identification of all who have died, especially since the the Bible still clearly teaches that when we die, we are dead, and will remain so until we are raised at the ressurection. Yes, the dead are dead until the resurrection to Life. All who dwell in the world of death are dead and know nothing.

Adam mankind died when he was cast out of the land of the living. That is when the Resurrection occurs. It also says that Moses and Elijah were taken up into heaven and appeared with Jesus at the Transfiguration. It implies that Enoch was taken into heaven by God without knowing death. Catholic doctrine declares that Mary the mother of Jesus was also taken into heaven, although there is no Biblical support for this. If you are correct in your interpretation of Scripture then heaven currently has only 4 or 5 people inhabiting it with God and the angels.

Sorry Rev. David, but you are misquoting the Bible. Of course. Otherwise those who died in a fire would be in tough place when it comes to the resurrection. Its genuinely awesome paragraph, I have got much clear idea about from this piece of writing. You guys are right on the money. I wish I had heard about you before. Do u have any fellowships or gatherings in or around Phx Ariz? I enjoyed the article and have always held firm to these truths. Unfortunately, I came across this because I have lately been in a disagreement with my local pasture A man for whom I have the upmost respect and appreciation.

I was looking for all the scriptures to base my doctrinal theory. I only have one question.

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The one scripture that has always been used in opposition is Luke I will stay with the bright light path and let you believe you will be laying in a whole and that is the end of things until the resurrection. Add a comma, as it should be, and you get the correct emphasis he was placing on his words, and a promise that the thief would one day be with him. If what the Bible says is true, that those who believe in Jesus will be resurrected, where are all those people going to fit on Earth?

Billions of people have died before us and many more will die after us. The Earth cannot physically hold every single believer up to this point and beyond. The reality is that the historical numbers of people through antiquity who have believed in Jesus, or who have lived righteously, is not really Billions and Billions of popped.

Finding Dimes and Pennies From Heaven

At the present time we have 7 billion people on this planet and we are not anywhere near running out of room. OF the 2. If we add up all of those from the first century church to today we would probably have less than 2 billion people, a number far less than are even alive on the Earth today. Thank you for taking the time to teach this. I also thought why are we going to church on Sunday when Jesus went on Sabbath which is Saturday.

Funny as a small child I knew more than most adults. Of course now as an adult I do go to church on Sabbath. For those who are still confused about whether or not the Dead immediately enter heaven or hell you need to take into consideration what the word CLEARLY says. Among them in 1st Thess. So shall we ever be with the Lord. Often times cutting into sentences, restructuring paragraphs, and even changing books mid paragraph. So it is entirely possible that the comma was in fact placed wrongly. This can also be explained by the fact that Jesus , once he gave up the ghost, did NOT go directly to heaven upon his death.

As prophesied, he was buried in the earth for three days and nights. THEN he was Ressurected, and walked the earth again reassuring his disciples that he was indeed the Messiah that God had foretold of. During that time Jesus was teaching his disciples what THEY needed to be preparing for on what would become known as the day of pentecost.

He was talking about a future time. Eric, people commonly quote those sections of Paul in an attempt to disprove that the dead are alive. It was his preference to be with jesus, compared to being in this world, which is all of our preferences too. No, not likely. We believe the KJV has it properly translated. It was a vision, not literal physical presence of the individuals. KJV Matthew And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no ma n, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. Mat KJV. You are right in that Sheol is a resting place for the dead.

When the Hebrew was translated into Greek, they used the word Hades for Sheol. In Greek, Hades was the land of the dead. Notice how Sheol is only mentioned in the Old Testament. In the new, there is no mentioning of it or anything relating to it. This is because Sheol was the place for the dead before Jesus died on the cross, and paid our ransom. Before this happened, everyone went there, the holy and the unholy.

In the new testament it has changed, as shown in the story of Lazarus in Luke There is a split in what was once Sheol Hades as said in Luke 16 , and there was then a place of torture where Lazarus went for the unholy, and Paradise where Abraham and the beggar went. There is also a great chasm between the two which separates them. When Jesus died for our sins and paid our debt, that was the main event.

The holy people in the Paradise or what was once Sheol were sent to heaven to be with God, as evidenced by Matthew where the dead rose after Jesus died. There is no Sheol now, no place where we wait. Those who do not live by Christ go to Hades with the other unbelievers, and at the end of time will be set before the white throne to be cast into the lake of fire as it says in Revelation For non-believers, there is Hades, which is essentially Hell, or torment. That is what I believe and what many others I know have found through scripture. But, I am always open to other views and to any wisdom I can find.

Please let me know what you think! They are two entirely different languages. Also, there is no need for God to reconfirm every truth in the NT when it is so clearly established in the NT. It makes no difference it one is buried or burned cremated. All our bodies return to dust and at the resurrection we are given new bodies. Since Christ ascended his followers have been dying for 2, years so it can mean physical death. And there is nothing to modify the truth of the OT concerning the nature of shoel Hebrew for grave.

The dead are dead and he will raise them when He returns. I and my daughter are currently looking for a church and I would like to go to worship some where that have the same views as this article, I always believe that the dead is dead until the rapture, or resurrection, I do not like the teaching that we are judge when we die, but too many churches around here keep teaching this lie, but the Bible teach differently, can you help me find a church that teach the truth. I live in Georgia Metro Atlanta area. Here is a link to the listing of the churches and fellowships affiliated with us.

Thank you, I already see two churches in the area, do you have a church maybe in the Douglasville area or Paulding County. Here is a link to all the churches and fellowships we know of that are affiliated with us. Thank you! Samuel, Well we never expected that all would agree. God bless you. Then a few nights ago I experienced something new. I was on the cusp of falling a sleep when I felt someone patting my hand. It immediately woke me up and I could feel my eyes fluttering but I was scared to open them. When I opened my eyes there was nothing there.

I miss my best friend! She was my great aunt. I miss her every day. Today I was talking out loud to her. A little while after I was talking to her, a song came on the radio. The moment the song started playing, I was thinking this was my aunt sending me a message from the other side. My dad passed away August The days leading up to his death, I never left his side, not knowing when that day would be the last. One night, while lying down on my side, I fell asleep on the sofa at home. A physical force pull me up from a degree angle to a 90 degree angle on the sofa. It was dark in the room but I could visibly see to the left a bright white light floating towards another bright light on my right.

You can go. I came out of the trance, trying to gather what just happened. I look at my phone it was 4am knowing that my dad had passed but no missed calls. I received a phone call about 11am stating he had passed away. Every day leading up this day was truly emotional. On that day, I was at peace. My mom passed away July About 3 weeks later, she came to me in a dream. In the 1st scene , she entered my home followed by a bright white light, saying she was moving to FL, which I thought was odd.

In the 2nd scene, we are sitting on a porch reminiscing over good memories. I reassured my love to her and leave her side to get a drink. I went back to the spot and she was gone. As the only child between my parents, I am so grateful for both of those experiences. I am a spiritual person but I never thought I would experience something as vivid as those. I only wish I could get more visits, if not through dreams, then signs.


My mom passed away in September of At this time of year, the mangoes are about the size of a pea. I was looking at the ground looking for a sign and there was a mango about the size of a plum. No other mangoes were on the ground and the ones on the tree are a size of pea. Definitely a sign from my mother. I am going to try to get back there in July when the mangoes are ready to be eaten and hopefully get a full grown seed to grow a mango tree for my mom.

My great aunt was in a dream last week. In the dream, I was happy and excited to see her. I have not seen her since That was the year she died. She was She was a beautiful person. That dreamed seemed so real. I miss her every day! A part of my heart is gone too.

Fekt driven n touched by your eneffable words about our angels who serve us as a light of hope amidst life chaos overwhelming amazing article to know about them life transforming uplifting my soul waiting anxiously for more to hear from you mam great job im blessef. My dog Marty just recently passed away unexpectedly on December 17th I was laying in bed one night crying and missing him. Something in my mind told me to take a picture in my bedroom so I did. The picture appeared to be a bright white line that just appeared in my Live Photo off my iPhone. I just had that feeling he was around.

I have recently lost my partner from a motorbike accident and moved into a house just recently. No surrounding houses. The house is old and has an extension and extensions are known to make all types of noises but not footstep noises. Every night without fail, I hear them. I definitely believe it is my partner. It is scary and does freak me out most nights. I have always felt his presence since he passed away as his death was very unexpected only being My 3 year old son walked into the other lounge room one day and came out screaming I was in the kitchen and can see into the lounge room and could see him.

His Dad used to take him for drives in his Ford Ranger car all the time, I watched my son walk over to where the car was he stopped and started screaming and not wanting to go into that room. I am guessing he seen his Dad. Other times he has pointed to the bar stool while having lunch saying daddy daddy.

The night my partners life support was turned off me and his Nan and Aunty watched him get down from the dining table from eating dinner, walk down the hall to the lounge with food in his hand and he held his hand out to something offering the food and said a few things then walked back. No one else was there except for us and we were all sitting at the dining table eating food.

I was in my garage one night and I thought I felt something brush past me. My garage was completely empty as the removalists had just left and I whirled around with my phone, took a photo and looked at my phone and was honestly shocked at what I seen. It was a figure that was the exact same image of a photo I had taken of him when we had gone for a day trip to the mountains. That creeped me out.

In my brother passed away… We were extremely close. He was disabled and I helped take care of him… He meant everything to me and I would do anything and everything to make sure he had a fun and amazing life. I could always make him smile. We were best friends. We truly had a connection beyond this world. So when he passed I lost a huge part of me and felt so alone.

Then one night I was taking the trash out and out of nowhere a huge beautiful owl flew right in front of me. He was my little bean. My brother recently passed away for two weeks he kept seeing a wolf no one else could see.

Spiritual Realms

The day before he died I the coyote appeared to all of us. Then my brother passed next day. He was an outdoour animal lover. Now there are all sorts of animals in their yard. I believe I receive signs from my best friend and aunt. She was my best buddy. I miss her forever. I loved her lots. I have a feeling she shows me digits on the clock some times. I sometimes look at the clock and see I miss her so much. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. I wish I could see her again. I wish I could talk to her. She was always a happy person.

She loved to laugh and she was a sweet lady. She had a kind heart. Sometimes I think she sends white butterflies during warm months. I am sad without her. She was my best friend. She was 96 years old. She lived a good life. I still feel sad because I wish she was still with me in person.

I love her so much. May her soul rest in peace. My mom passed away on 19 januray at the age of Although I know it is an old age it does not make it easier. The moth flew to me and sat on my head for a few seconds. This all happened just after 1 in the morning. On the day I felt absolutely nothing , not even at the memorial, until today why would this be? We have been together all my life for 60 years and the loss is devastating.

We were so close and I thought i would feel her presence but nothing. I so need to know hat she is ok. My father passed away from lung cancer in June if I lived with him as his caregiver during the last 5 years of his life. I have a touch less garbage can in the kitchen that he thought was so cool. Then it stops. It always makes me laugh. My father went into cardiac arrest on his 76th birthday, nine days ago. He was revived a few times , but was in a coma was almost a week. The day after the incident, while we were still in hope, I had a dream….

The voice woke me up at a. The docs were due to try and wake him up from his medically induced coma to evaluate brain damage that same morning. They were unsuccessful, and he passed away last Saturday, February 2, I have been seeing several signs in the last few days. A feeling of overwhelming unconditional love, joy and happiness that is NOT coming from within me, most definitely external has come over me…. This morning, I was sitting at his home on his screened in patio smoking…. I went inside and told my mother, who said she would kill it later.

It was standing wide open, the bumble bee had flown out. No wind either. My mother, my sister and myself all had chest pains and difficulty breathing for the duration of the week and ended the moment he passed he had a heart attack and pnemonia. I sprained my ankle the next day really bad and having difficulty walking…. I keep thinking about how hard it was for my dad being scared he would fall at any moment he had difficulty walking. My mom has developed spots on her arm he had an infection in his dialysis fistila that turned his arm black , and my husband developed an infection in his jaw my father fell at the time of his arrest, breaking some facial bones and a black eye.

None of my family members get along, constant fighting, specifically with me. We did well to transition my dad, but there are signs now that the fighting may resume again soon…. The fact that I cannot get along with my mother was a big source of strain, and my dad was always on me to amend that….. Are these coincidences? My gut says no…. What do you think?

Many years ago after college my son made a beautiful mosaic dragonfly. On the day of his wake a live dragonfly landed on the wall of our bedroom making it impossible for me to leave without seeing it. I called my husband and we both stared feeling it had to be a sign. Two days later I went down to where my son, when he was in high school, seeded clams with the Clam Club. My DIL then told me that when she and the children ages 9, 7 and 5 came back to their car after shopping there was a dragonfly circling it.

They all climbed into the car and the dragonfly proceeded to fly to each window looking in. The next day, the day of the anniversary, she was sitting on their deck putting the ring onto a chain when a dragonfly came and landed on the deck next to her. I can say no more except this skeptical and cynical mother is now a fervent believer. My son died December 6th after his death my husband and I parked in the same spot we always park at the gym we go to and a cardinal flew over and was picking on the window and mirror.

As we stood watching it flew to the other window on the passenger side and continue to do the same thing.. When he first past there was a lot more signs now not as many. This might sound crazy to some but I wholeheartedly believe our loved ones will give us signs that they are always near. Lost my precious cat Bob 4 months ago. This was devastateing to us. Us pet owners know how bad this hurts.

They are family. When I get sad and miss him I pray for a sign which I did today. I looked beside me on my way to work and I had 2 beautiful deer running beside me. This isnt the first time. Just wanted to share. My sister passed suddenly 5 days ago she was I have a small blue touch lamp in my living room. When i turned my TV on last night the lamp came on and i turned it off and on and the lamp got brighter each time it was like i was turning the lamp off and on with the Tv remote. I tried doing it again when my daughter came and it wouldnt do it. I was calm when this was happening and realized after it could be my little sister.

The past 6 months have been filled with so much loss. I lost my father in July, and then my son in November. Just 2 weeks ago I lost my dog. The only way I have been able to cope is by believing and knowing they are in heaven. I know I have received signs. When my dad passed in July it was unexpected even though he was older. My niece his Granddaughter was a pediatric cancer nurse and had recently lost a patient a little girl 1 week before her wedding and she was going to be a flower girl. Unaware of this one of my sisters and I went to the cemetery with a flowers that were in his room to place there with my mom who had passed in letting her know he was coming.

This pesky dragonfly kept flying around us which never happened in all the past years we visited my mom. Of course since he was also in the military for 38 years and at his funeral with military honors a dragonfly appeared as they were caring his casket and hovered around the ceremony. Losing my son is at times unbearable.

It happened 8 days before Thanksgiving. I was worried about getting through the holidays without my dad and then this. I still get to the point where i put the wall up because the pain is so hard. He was very close to my dad, I tell myself they are together since on My dads last day he promised me he would be waiting there for each of us at the pearly gates. My son has also sent signs. He was very religious and well known at our church. On Christmas eve mass i was having a tough time time and clutched his rosery tight in my hand I promise this is true I felt a sense of calm go right through me and knew he was there.

About 3 min latter the fire alarm went off in the middle of mass never never happened before no one really knew quite what to do I just smiled and said Yes I Know its you He always was the center of attraction. I also keep finding coins in odd places dimes and pennies so I got one of those old fashioned glass banks with only an opening and have it next to his picture and every time I find a coin by accident I put it in and say a special memory or thought or just i love you and miss you and drop it in.

It is a very positive way to deal with his absence. Trying To Tell Me Something. On New Years Day, I lost my fiance. She was only 45 years old. I am truly lost. I beg her to come comfort us, in some way, shape or form. I swear I may feel her presence, but would give anything to be sure. I pray one day soon I can say, yep, there you babe, what took you so long.

I cannot wait to see her in my dreams. I guess I need to sleep first! I live and miss you sweetheart! I will see you again. When my dad died he comforted me and let me know he was there so many times. Mostly by light and strong feelings of comfort, but sometimes really strong signs. I remember a few days after his funeral, I was sitting in by window, listening to Leonard Cohen one of his favorites and looking out on the street.

Whole different story with my mom. I really hope to though. I think every time I see heart symbols any place, my aunt is showing me love from heaven. She is probably giving me the message she is still with me. She watches over me. My father past some eighteen years ago. Before passing I visited him inanursing home. We were outside and I watched this man of steel sit in a wheel chair. We talked and he said when I get out of here I want to go to Aruba. I agreed that we would. He passed and we never made it. However I had to see what he saw and wanted to see so I traveled to Aruba.

While there I had the strangest thing occur. Although I had seen many of birds while there never a white Dove. Upon leaving a feather from the Dove lay on my floor. To this day I believe my father was with me and have never been able to explain what occurred. Hi Im hearing impaired deaf from Adelaide — South Australia. Since after 6 weeks after her passing I saw her ghostly dark image in my room with a reflection from the bedroom window and she was heading toward to her room. Also at work i smell aroma or flower in my work station at the time and then 22nd August I felt someone has flick my right ear and also one week later flick my back hair when i was working in my work station in a government department.

My partners aunt who had been battling her 4 year long fight with breast cancer suddenly declined the week prior to thanksgiving of Prior to her transition she revealed one evening that her felt her time here was limited but was hopeful of a miracle or turn around in her diagnosis. Fast forward to thanksgiving which was celebrated in her and her husbands home, she lay in bed resting and depleted of energy.

Coming into the weekend she was welcomed into hospice care where she wanted to be comforted in her final hours. The day before her death I had a vivid dream. Her parents I could hear in the near by room, her family as well above us in their home. She appeared as she did when I met her, healthy and full of life.

She was showing me a baking recipe which I was unfamiliar with then the dream ended. As she transitioned that weekend we were all left with a void and sadness not only for her but for her family especially her husband and young so and daughter. Being a hairdresser as well as her brother in law and nephew.

We were all three asked to help in preparing for her final viewing. Myself being the least to have known her was given the special gift in recreating her viewing for the family as she looked and was in life. Radiant and happy. As the family made their way into the funeral home to view her body it was a warm and comforting feeling to see them view her as who she was and not what took her. The day of her funeral the weather strangely for the month of December was like a rainy crisp cool morning that had this calmness and fridged beaty to it.

I knew that was her way of communicating once again. My mom, who was my everything, passed away 3 years ago next month. I was devastated, but relieved that her 5 very long year battle with breast cancer was done. No more pain, cancer, treatments and all the other stuff. Until little stuff started to happen out of the blue. A significant one is my husband, who owns his own business, would be begging for work but nothing was on the horizon. Just when we are down to our last pennies, we always get a couple small jobs.

The other is quite personal. My mom always used pink dove soap, nothing else. I thought I was loosing it, but my husband has smelled it as well. My aunt tragically died after a brief battle with brain cancer in June of Her favorite bird was the hummingbird. I have had so many experiences with my son and mom.

My favorite son one was the dream. They are not kidding about how vivid they are. I FELT him kiss my cheek! We hugged and it was over. I have seen him go down the. He was drinking wine out of a stein. In his room he arranged some of his favorite things in a circle on the floor! So much more!

He was 28 and had a brain tumor. Of course losing a parent sucks. I think my aunt might use heart symbols to send her love to me from heaven. I have seen lots of heart symbols daily. I love her lots and miss her forever. He was only 46 yrs old. We were so close, even though we had been apart for 2 yrs. We had always said there was a soul connection that was undeniable between us. After his funeral, when I was walking in my kitchen crying uncontrollably, the light he had fixed flickered and dropped the metal and glass covering.

I knew he was there with me. Also, during the graveside service, the tombstone I was standing directly in front of had a name on it. The first and last letters were covered with dirt, which left the remaining letters seen. Those letters spelled his name. Also a man, that I did not know, came up to me after the funeral and gave me the rose he wore as a pall bearer. All signs I think were from the man I loved. My poppop died this past July, he knew how much I loved him. I was cleaning my house one day and I saw an orb of light above his picture on my mantal above our fireplace.

Made me feel as if he was there with me. I seem to always find a dime on the ground, sometimes two of them together. My 88 year old Dad passed on October 16 after a 14 mo battle with lung cancer. He was my hero. My bestie. I slept at the nursing home he was in but he passed on that one day I went home and was coming back, just not soon enough.

My mother was in the bathroom, 4 feet away from him, but my three older sisters where there. Dad knew that mom and I would take it hardest. On cleaning some of his things at home, we found cigar bosses stuffed with wheat pennies and state quarters. No one knew he collected them. On my first day back to work, right in front of me, laid a shiny penny. A few feet away…a quarter. I continue, almost weekly, to find a penny and the a quarter…. We had a joke about money between he and I. My husband died from cardiac-respiratory failure in August and he was my soulmate and best friend.

He was only I miss him and think about him constantly. My husband passed away in May due to a heavy equipment accident. He loved the song SAiling by Christopher cross. On days that I seem the worst, that song will come on. One time I heard it, listened to the end, switched channels and it played there too. Switched back aft it finished and it was on again. I KNOW it was my husband. I have received messages from him through friends and family.

I find lighters in strange places… I miss him more than ever! He had plans to propose after 19 years! So I have rings on layaway. I talk to him hoping he will communicate to a friend about the rings… I will wear his around my neck with his ashes… and mine on my finger of course. He was mine and I was his… because he loved me… we said that to each other. My father who lived in the UK died suddenly on December 13th His birthday was 6th October. On the 3rd November this year I was in the living room with the light on as it was dark. I heard banging against the lampshade. I initially though it was a moth.

The banging stopoed , I switched the light back on and on the carpet was a hornet or large wasp. I captured it and put it outside. I have no idea where it came from. If it was hibinating indoors where was it. Within that week I also saw someone on an American YouTube channel in a photo who looked like my dad but he never went outside of the UK. I sort of believe my great Auntie sends me white butterflies on warm days. I have seen white butterflies and I get a feeling they are from her. I miss her and love her very much.

I was providing home hospice for my year old Grandmother. It was really difficult but somehow I had the strength to make the best decisions I could for her. She spoke to God and to her mother. Tears streamed down my face. At that moment…. It scared me at first and I rushed around looking for the garage door opener to close it…then I realized what it meant. When I was a little girl, my Grandfather would come home and that noise would send us anxiously to the door to see him.

It was all the message I needed to know she would not be alone, that he was with her. And that I was not alone either. For weeks after, I was noticing coincidences and electrical stuff like loud static on my mobile phone. The day of his funeral, I found a nut and bolt in the grass as we waited for the hearse.

M was very good at DIY!! Songs on the radio are another thing, one has come on after a conversation about M — the song was in the funeral service. He worked all day and when he come home from work that evening, she was still fighting with the neighbors via phone, text, fb messages and what not.

She had went out the front door several times to get her back in the house to keep from something happening. The last time she went out is when my brother was shot 8 times from 18 inches away, their 2 year son always had a bad habit of following his daddy out the door and that night was the last time he got to follow his daddy outside. My brother and I had a really bad argument in our last conversation but he and I would post online to each other and let the other know we love them.

I feel so angry, I have so much hatred, and so angry and so cheated I do not know how to let things go. I have been going to multiple counselors since then. Recently in the past 2 days some really strange things have happened. First off Monday morning I woke up and I decided to fix my husband a pot of coffee, Wednesday morning my husband gets up to fix a pot of coffee turns it on and goes into kitchen to fix him a cup and come to find out it was unplugged.

Today while at work my husband sends me a text message asking me why I had sent him a picture that I sent him the day before? Okay, first of all…. This has never happened before I have truly missed my brother and I hope and pray everyday that he is doing just fine and still loves me. My brother has been actively in my life after his passing. Took me a while to tune into his messages. Now I pay attention. The difference in handling things since then has been life saving.

A dime. I wore my black suit. The weeding was in Oregon. My parents and my family live in Southern California. When I got home, I had the suit cleaned. My work is casual, and, I swear, the last time I wore this suit was in October of I said yes, and reached into my right pants pocket to get my money clip.

While doing that I felt a coin in my pocket. I was surprised. How could that be? I pulled the coin out of my pocket and it was a dime! I was really baffled about why that was there. I shrugged it off thinking, it must have just stayed there during last years cleaning. My wife has a change purse so I just gave it to her. Was he with me last night? Was he saying how proud he was of my older brother and I for our comments at the service and making sure our Mom his wife of 61 years was ok?

Oh, I hope so. Yes, his passing is still recent but am longing to talk, touch or hear him. I want him with me. Someway, somehow. Please tell me I am not nuts. Wa are a Christian family who believe. I want him near me always. Thanks for letting me send this to you. That is not true. My partner passed over 1 year and 9 months ago. At the end of July I recieved a courtesy call from the music store he used. The beginning part was my partner.

He said, Grace, you know I love you that is all I can say. Yes it was a little statically but clear at the same time. You can also hear spirits in the back ground. I know exactly why he said that at that exact time. And to hear his voice again and to have this recorded is so much more than I can ask for. White Butterflies… when my soul friend who lived next door died, a white butterfly appeared on my deck every day. Six weeks later my mom died, now there are two white butterflies that appear together on my deck.

I know they are Evelyn and Mom. I always say…hay guys love ya. Evelyn will come to me in my sleep to give messages to her son, and they are always right on..

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Dragonfly visitation 3 days after my mother passed away suddenly. Now I know she was sending me a message and I will be open to receiving her messages in the future. We had just had a newborn baby girl, who was only two months at the time of her passing. Just not sure what to think or what to believe, or what any of this even means. My sister Joyce passed away unexpectedly on Saturday September 29, after having surgery on the 26th.

Her memorial service was on October 4th. That morning before I got out of bed I saw my brother Doug, who had passed away 9 years ago. He looked so healthy and happy just as he always did before he got sick. I wondered if it was a dream or something more. But it was so Incredibly vivid and real that I truly believe my brother was letting me know that he is ok and my sister was now with him in Heaven. My mum and dad are here, and I am terrified of losing either of them and not getting any kind of sign, because then I would really believe in nothing. Apparently my grandad would always stop whatever he was doing to watch it, so we took this as a sort of sign, but laughed it off.

I have recently been on my knees, crying my eyes out just begging for a sign of some kind but receiving nothing. Nothing from my grandparents, and nothing from God. I want desperately for there to be something, but continuously receiving no sign when I am really suffering is making me about as depressed as someone can get.

My son Ryan passed away on August 15th I have seen many signs of his being with us. One day I was texting my oldest son asking what time he was getting out of work. He simply answered 4. I was using my hands free in the c as r so my text messages always come up on the radio screen with who is texting. It said that Ryan was sending me a text, when I hit listen it said 4. It was the text his older brother had actually sent.

Three hrs later my oldest found out that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy. I truly believe that Ryan sending a sign to both me and his brother about the baby. Ryan also collected rocks. I have found rocks in places right in front of my path shaped like broken hearts. It freaks me put sometimes but he definately wants me to know he is here with us. My husband passed away March 6, Soon afterwards, I was leaving the house to go to work and a red cardinal was sitting on top of my car in the driveway.

Definitely a sign! My God! Some days ago I was in my bedroom and it was night time, I was thinking about my beloved cat that passed away some years ago and I was crying because I was feeling that in some occasions I neglected her…. I took outside and put it on a plant, but right after I started wondering what was a ladybug doing in my bedroom at night time?

And do ladybugs bite? That had never happened to me for sure!!! My sister was assisting me with financial matters in my home a relatively short while after my husband, Tom, passed away. I showed it to my sister and she had no doubt that it was him. Only one thing disturbs me: I also had a dream of seeing Tom within a group of people. You fooled them all! My grandmother passed on September 19, and today which is the 26th I witnessed while it was raining a hummingbird fly to the door and hover there for a moment before it flew off.

My brother passed away a little over a year ago June 30 and we have been blessed with many signs. One of the most amazing ones came days after his passing. My husband and I adopted my brothers youngest child in September of When finalizing the paperwork we noticed that his middle name was not correct. The paperwork had it as Jackson Copper and should have been Jackson Cooper.

My husband and I were the only ones who knew of this little mistake, which was corrected. Fast forward July 2nd to the day our family was at the funeral home trying to pick out a casket and after a few minutes my husband calls me over and shows me a casket that is named Brand and color Jackson Copper! I knew that was my sign that my brother was ok. Often i think about what my mother or father where doing and experiencing at the age i am now ,also there is a frog that is different from any other frogs he moved up the walls of the house into the window and kept looking inside the house usually frogs come out when it is raining or stay into or near the water in a lake near or house i found it special.

I have had several dreams about my best friend from high school and college nightly fir weeks now- as well as feeling his presence. Like many people, we fell out of touch as we pursued marriage jobs etc but when we ran into each other it was always the same friendship and closeness. I woke up during another dream at 4 am last night talking to him. I decided to find him and his wife again on Facebook and could not. I was devestated to learn he passed away the end of last year while I was traveling. I did manage to locate his wife and he died suddenly of a heart attack st she Was this a sign?

Yes, I think so. Our beloved 15 year old cat passed away recently. One night he his sister was acting odd. She kept staring out at nothing with an odd look in her eyes. I think she saw her brother. I got up to see what she might be looking at and felt something brush by my legs. There was nothing there. I lost my father 2 months ago. After five days i saw a beautiful butterfly comes in my house yard and i said that hi dadi are you ok? I love you dad. I miss you so much. Idk, maybe I was supposed to read this I wonder, so he could let me know in some way he is ok too, which I have been begging for.

My son is Daniel. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. My awesome cousin passed away suddenly in late august , that day around the same time he crossed over the power went out for about 4 hours. Love you so much Michael, l will see you again some day. Maybe it was trying to bring me comfort. My mom passed on August 12, and I have been in their house trying to talk and begging her to come through. She would never ever leave us,but I cant find her. I do not believe it yet. In the past, I have seen a head image of my great aunt who passed away last year.

I seen this image of her face in my bedroom in the middle of the night while I was laying in bed. I know I was not dreaming. I seen it with my own eyes. This happened a month or so after she died. For your information, there was a full moon outside when I seen this image. I seen it on the wall of my room. I seen her face appear out of thin air on the wall.

Either my eyes were playing tricks on me or I actually was seeing her face. The moon could have been reflecting through the window. Then her eyes and smile appeared. I have not seen any thing as this since June She passed away April 30 I miss her lots. I loved her lots!!! She is always in my heart. She was a lady who loved to laugh in life. She had an Awesome sense of humor. God bless her. In the past I have seen visions of butterflies in my bedroom, and they are not there. Sometimes in my bedroom light, I see the light blinking in a way of present.

I sometimes see visions of an angel in a human form in my bedroom on the outside. Feel free to contact me. My wife passed away on August 24 Two days later my son and I were in my garage and a large Monarch ButterFly came from no where and started flying in a circle above us. This was inside the garage. After about two minutes it flew out the door and was gone A few years ago an Aunt died and at the Grave Site a White ButterFly came and landed on the Coffin and sat there for a few seconds and flew away.

My husband passed in Right after he passed , my touch light would come on. I saw him and his parents and our dog. He has also visited our middle son. He turns the light out in his fridge one time right after another. He has also banged the pots and pans on the wall. Yep he is still around three years later. I saw a feather the other day. I just met a man and started seeing. My great aunt passed away on April 30th around 5pm. I miss her and love her always! She was my favorite person and best friend.

She lived to be the age of She was loved and important to her family! I have had very nice visits with her in the past years while she was alive. She loved to laugh. She enjoyed company. She loved making silly cute jokes. She was also a beautiful lady. She cared about everyone!