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For example, our psychologists have experience with methods of Emotion Response Analysis ERA using EEG, heart rate, skin conductance, pupil size and facial expression analysis. The integration of such automated measurement method, in combination with eye tracking, quickly gives clear guidance on the three most important figures in the interpretation of emotional state during the interaction of a subject: the psycho-physical excitement, commitment and frustration.

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EP2977925A1 - Mobiles terminal zum erfassen biometrischer daten - Google Patents

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Oermann and A. Lang and C. Abstract : In this paper, a new concept for classifying handwriting data and its analysis for biometric user authentication is presented. Digital signatures based on invertible watermarks for video authentication. In: Dittmann, Jana Hrsg. Berlin : Springer, , S.

Digitale Vertrauenskulturen. In: Bachmair, Ben Hrsg. Wiesbaden : VS Verl. Distance-level fusion strategies for online signature verification. In: Federrath, Hannes Hrsg. April in Regensburg. Bonn : Ges. In: Jantke, Klaus P. September Finding meta data in speech and handwriting biometrics. Illustration Watermarking : an object based approach for digital images. Steganography and steganalysis in voice over IP scenarios : operational aspects and first experiences with a new steganalysis tool set. Verifier-tuple as a classifier of biometric handwriting authentication-combination of syntax and semantics.

In: Association for computing machinery Veranst.

Magdeburg, , S. Cross cultural aspects of biometrics. In: Vielhauer, C. In: Horster, P. Klagenfurth : syssec, , S. Integration and fusion aspects of speech and handwriting media. Saint- Petersburg : Anatolya, , S. Network based intrusion detection to detect steganographic communication channels : on the exmaple of audio data. In: Universita degli studi di Siena Veranst. Steganographisches Illustrieren im Kontext von Multimedialem Lernen.

September - 1. Oktober Berlin : Akad. Benchmarking of image watermarking algorithms for digital rights management. In: Magdeburger Wissenschaftsjournal [Magdeburg] 9 , Nr.

Fachgruppe BIOSIG

A high-capacity block based video watermark. In: Steinmetz, Ralf Hrsg. Los Alamitos, Calif. Advanced audio watermarking benchmarking.

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Malicious attacks on media authentication schemes based on invertible watermarks. Network based intrusion detection to detect steganographic communication channels : on the example of images. Steigende Informationstechnologie : Sicherheitsrisiko beim Fahrzeugbau? Herzogenrath : Shaker, , S.

Cyber Security in Germany

Stirmark and profiles : from high end up to preview scenarios. Ilmenau : TU Ilmenau, , [12 S. Using adapted Levenshtein distance for on-line signature authentication. In: Kittler, Josef Hrsg. A unified digital watermarking interface for eCommerce scenarios. Fortbildungsveranstaltung und Arbeitstagung Berlin 7. November Berlin, , S. In: Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft Veranst. Mai Erfurt, , [Elektronische Ressource]. Neue Perspektiven zur Manipulationserkennung in digitalen Medien.

Syssec, , S.

Christoph Busch - About: Talk and slides

Virtual communities : trust, identity, participation, and technology. In: Schneider, Jochen Hrsg. Wiesbaden : DUV, , S. Die Technik in der IT-Sicherheit. In: Frauenarbeit und Informatik [Bonn] , Nr. Watermarking : based digital audio data authentication. Capacity-optimized mp2 audio watermarking. Informatik, , S. Illustration watermarks for vector graphics. In: Rokne, Jon Hrsg. Invertible authentication for 3D-meshes. In: Horster, Patrick Hrsg. Manipulating the digital world : challenges and legalaspects of multimedia cryptography, steganalysis, and digital watermarking. In: Association for Computing Machinery Veranst.

Trustworthy user authentication : a combination of handwriting and electronic signatures. Parallel or serial activation of word forms in speech production? In: Neurosci. Memon, Nasir D. Steinebach, Martin ext. Moulin, P.