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1. Take on the other women first.

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With the beach as a backdrop and an afterglow of a fun-filled day of activities, Anji was convinced they had won a competition and that is why they were in Thailand. But Charl had a hidden agenda and so the couple got engaged during their romantic trip.

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For their wedding, they chose a setting that would capture their love for good music, a beautiful setting, great food and great wine. Shepstone Gardens was perfect for their special day, with lush gardens and the striking architecture of the bold buildings being the main selling points. The setting also allows for a very natural look and feel.

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The tone of the wedding was set from the start with simple yet elegant Lilly Young stationary in cream and gold. Plates were wooden based and hanging bird-cages with flowers added to the overall ambience. The wedding was indoors and outdoors, allowing for lawn games and live bands under a night sky. The dress is from De la Vida and was altered to fit perfectly.

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And much like in a fairy-tale, Anji had magical shoes. Handmade dance shoes made pretty with blue and white rhinestones. Her hair was also simple, loose and flowing, but with fine details like a plait across the head, rounded off with hair jewellery, pearls and crystals. Anji wanted to keep It simple and therefore she only had a Swarovski bracelet from her sister-in law and blue earrings from Charl.

Her make-up followed suite with artist Jade Alexander to give her a flawless glowing skin for her big day. The flower girl wore a dress made by Gelique. It had a gold and navy tulle skirt with a fresh flower crown. Though I do think the whole thing about Cinderella was too much. WAY too much. For someone who was such a pain, she should have gotten some sort of slap at the end - and no, I do not think what was done to her was enough.

Though I was glad when Pippa finally took things 'in hand'. One of my favorite things about Kurland's books is that there isn't that insta-love thing too many romances suffer from. The couple falls in love, but there isn't that lust that overrides the pages and has come to make me yawn. Take one modern individual and one from the 13th century, time gates throughout England, and a humorous medieval knight who suffers through paranormal oddities, and the family of de Piaget, who seems slated to always find true love in another century.

And you get her de Piaget series.


Fairy-tale Inheritance: One Enchanted Evening by Charlotte Smith

I loved all the audios I've downloaded so far and am now trying to find all the books at a used bookstore since some of them are no longer available in book form. Highly suggest this series. Especially if you enjoy clean romance, which hers are. I listen to a lot of books. Usually a story like this needs some character development, right? Well, how do you possibly develop a character without dialogue? The story skips from one characters point of view with 5 seconds of dialogue to another characters point of view with maybe another 5 seconds of dialogue, if you are lucky.

I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I just finished reading "Waterfall" by Lisa T. Bergren, which was amazing, and so maybe my hopes to like this book were a little high. So, I have listened to three hours of this book but only about 20 seconds of dialogue and the characters interacting with each other. Most of it is the character looking at the other character and telling the story of what is going on without any verbage, and it is sooooo annoying! I am wondering if the author knows how to write, He said She said Any additional comments? The narrator was awesome This is okay.

It's different, I'll give it that.

Keith Ainsworth - One Enchanted Evening: A Fairy Tale for Real People, ISBN

But there's no sex. A little drawn out. Lynn is a self depricating author and that does make it funny at times. Love it! I hope Lynn Kurland continues with the colorful offspring. Waiting for the next generation! OMG, I am so glad that's over. I am so sorry I wasted a credit on this book. If I had to hear the word karma one more time I was going to lose it.

I believe the story may have had merit but the characters were so ridiculous I couldn't take it. The one star is for the narrator, I actually really like her. By: Lynn Kurland. Narrated by: Ilyana Kadushin. Length: 13 hrs and 41 mins. Publisher's Summary Time-travel romances have made Lynn Kurland a best seller in the here-and-now. Narrator Dune Twilight Eclipse. What members say.

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