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An Astral Warrior that loses its Jacket of Wisdom will usually retreat to get another one.

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Can an Ectopic Artisan's Astral Warrior have Initiatior's Soul?

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. AstralArmy join leave 2, readers 6 users here now This subreddit is a place where people can share ideas of what they feel needs to be changed, or explored using the ability of astral projection.

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The Design of Astral Warriors

Often Spiritual Warriors are involved in the martial arts as a complimentary form of personal disciple and focus. Abode of the Lion Warrior House considers any regularly practiced discipline such as archery, fencing, wrestling, body building, boxing, jogging, aerobics; traditional Eastern forms such as Judo or Karate etc - and even such "soft" disciplines as Tae Chi and Yoga - as a fine physical compliment to Spiritual Warriorship, and encourages it.

W arrior T erritories.

Astral Warriors Series by Viola Mars

The many facets of our Spiritual Warrior Work also entails establishing Warrior Territories and astrally combating any negative entities within them; especially those of the type that attach themselves to the weak and the unsuspecting and feed off their life-energy. The Abode of the Lion lodge is situated in Boston Massachusetts, but because we are astral travelers our members are from across the country.

We have an instructional course in our style of work. There is an apprenticeship program for local members. C urrently A ccepting A pplicants.

Warrior Tee

If you have a Warrior Spirit and feel called to duty as a real Spiritual Warrior in an active Warrior House, Abode of the Lion Warriorship Lodge is currently accepting applicants and would like to hear from you. You may contact us at: ardane alaskan. Abode of the Lion welcomes all honorable inquires. We accept dedicated and sincere individuals who are looking to excel at the Spiritual Warrior Arts.

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We do require that members are over 18 years old. If you have any questions, please ask them. If you are in a real situation involving magickal attack, spiritual or occult abuse, psychic or astral vampirism, entity intrusions, or other occult or psychic related problems - we may possibly be of help to you.

Abode of the Lion Spiritual Warrior Lodge has successfully been called in to handle a number of such situations.

About Astral Warrior

We will respond to all sincere inquires.